Headkrack presents: Live Comedy Mixtape Show & 4-IZE Birthday Bash

Friday September 14, 2018 09:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15

From the venue:

Imagine if Saturday Night Live and Yo! MTV Raps had a baby? Well Live Comedy Mixtape is just that. It’s the successful merging of music and comedy in the form of a variety show; demonstrated on stage before a live audience. From sketches showcasing different scenarios with lyrical dialog over original tracks; to various appearances by guest comedians, improv groups, R&B and hiphop artists. The Live Comedy Mixtape guarantees to be an experience you don’t want to miss.

Hosted by Big Rube (Dungeon Family)

Performances by:

Live Comedy Mixtape (Headkrack, 4-IZE, U-George)

Cool Breeze (Dungeon Family)

Slimm Calhoun (Dungeon Family)

Lil Will (Dungeon Family)



And Special Guests

w/ Comedians:

Fattman Deezy

Fredo Davis

Mark Kendall

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Apache Cafe Magnum
393 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30313