John Maus, Nick Nicely

Wednesday February 13, 2019 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $20

From the venue:

Synth-pop polymath and American hero John Maus returns to our fair city just in time to wrench us from the midwinter doldrums. Over the past decade, Maus‘s scintillating, John Carpenter-style soundscapes and grim baritone have helped him amass a justifiably devoted following. His latest release, 2018’s Addendum, is perhaps his most brilliant and bizarre to date. Recorded during the same period as 2017’s Screen Memories (on synthesizers made by Maus himself), Addendum manages to be at once bleak and thoroughly absurd. The skronky hooks of “Dumpster Baby” feature Maus at his glowering, irreverent best. 18+ — Emily Maxwell
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21a31 Terminal West Magnum
887 West Marietta St. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 876-5566