Katerina Lanfranco: Talk to the Moon

Thursday February 21, 2019 12:00 AM EST
Cost: Free,

From the venue:

Artist Talk and Poetry Reading at 9pm.

Day & Night Projects is pleased to present Brooklyn, NY artist Katerina Lanfranco’s latest exhibition, "Talk to the Moon."

Layered, dense, and introspective, "Talk to the Moon" will guide the viewer through site-specific, mixed-media wall drawings, illustrated poetry, and intimate portraits on canvas and paper.

In this exhibition, Lanfranco focuses on the nature of the body, exploring our biological and emotional systems, subconscious, and shadow sides. By recognizing the deeper patterns and connections in our lives, the artist asks, can we have more agency understanding and forming our reality? Through the use of decorative patterning, geometric designs and portraiture, Lanfranco hopes to reveal the complexity and power of the human experience, especially the feminine principle that exists in all people, men and women. "Talk to the Moon" celebrates the natural phenomena that exist inside our beings and connect us to one another.

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