Atlanta Cybersecurity Affected by U.S. Policy with Northern Europe, Russia

Thursday February 28, 2019 11:30 AM EST
Cost: $35-$45,

From the venue:

ACIR is honored to host Estonian Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov in Atlanta. Vseviov will speak on the topic, "Estonia, Russia, and the United States." A devastating Russian cyber attack in 2007 crippled Estonia’s commercial, financial, and civilian infrastructure, a Russian buildup of land, sea, and air forces in the Baltic region, increased Russian military activity, including “snap’ military exercises near Estonia’s borders, the deployment of new nuclear capabilities, live fire exercises, and missile tests by Russia in the Baltic region, intrusions into Estonian airspace by Russian aircraft, and on-going cyber threats as a possible prelude to a Russian military adventure into Estonia. They all mark Estonia as a front-line state in a new war of nerves. Some call it the new Cold War. Come and listen to Estonia’s Ambassador address the challenges his nation, in partnership with the United States and its other NATO allies, now confronts in countering threats from its eastern neighbor, including those emanating from a new form of warfare – the cyberwar, as well as current and future bilateral US-Estonia relations. Ambassador Vseviov became Estonia's Ambassador to the United States in August of 2018, marking his third diplomatic appointment in the US. Before assuming his current duties, Vseviov worked at the Estonian Ministry of Defense, rising to the post of Permanent Secretary. During his tenure at the Defense Ministry, Vseviov had a leading role in shaping Estonia´s defense policy both domestically as well as internationally. He is the author of the Concept for Comprehensive Approach to Defense (2009) and the National Defense Strategy of 2010 – documents that led to significant conceptual change in organizing defense in Estonia. He has also been involved with the preparation and implementation of NATO’s present deterrence and defense posture, including the execution of NATO's enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland.
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