Druid Lord, Maha Pralaya, Guillotine, Overwhelmed

Druid Lord
Courtesy of 529
Wednesday July 3, 2019 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $10
Druid Lord arose from the mists in what is known by most as the year 2010. Whispers of demented souls throughout mankind's short history formed a swirling pool of tortured and disturbing tales from which Druid Lord chose to derive their dreadful and woebegotten songs. With visions of the most insidious humans and their macabre rituals of pure evil Druid Lord began the foundation of what would soon come to be known as the Druid Death Cult. The foundation on which this death cult would be built would soon come to be understood as a twisted embodiment of both doom metal AND death metal. In doing so, Druid Lord drew the attention of not only the residents of this world but the feared attention of those inhabitants who reside in a world less-often visited. Unbeknownst to the members of Druid Lord these inhabitants reached through the long closed door between these two realms and took control of their fates. What began as a desperate attempt to channel the misery they had experienced by telling others with their music eventually exploded into a full scale onslaught of all humankind. Druid Lord's members Pete Slate (lead/rhythm gtr), Elden Santos (drums), Tony Blakk (bass/vocals) and Chris Wickein (rhythm/lead gtr) knew the musical style of Druid Lord must be darker, heavier and much, much more punishing than anything to come before them. No, Druid Lord isn't simply a doom band- nor just a death metal band. Druid Lord is a maniacal amalgamation of the two heaviest metals to surface in the cess pool of humanity. Doom/Death metal lives!!!
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