Boy Harsher, Olivia Neutron-John

70 Og
Courtesy of Terminal West
Sunday September 22, 2019 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $15-$17

From the venue:

Characterized by Augustus Muller’s droning synths and Jae Matthew’s dominating vocals, Boy Harsher constructs alluringly sinister soundscapes that grapple with both confrontation and escapism. Their newest album, Careful (NUDE CLUB), lyrically addresses the pain induced by love, while pulsating synths and drum machines offer a trance-inducing means of escape. Boy Harsher’s fearless navigation of extremes has led them into the halls of Berghain, and their name continues to echo throughout the chambers of any space or mind they inhabit. -- Sophia Rubin 
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21a31 Terminal West Magnum
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(404) 876-5566