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CGL’s Virtual Bingo

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Courtesy of Covin Gaming League
Tuesday August 25, 2020 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Virtual Bingo LIVE! 2.0 is underway!

Covin Gaming League is excited to provide you a livestream Bingo experience like NO other, for FREE, with Amazon gift cards as prizes!

Yes, you read that correctly! FREE - LIVESTREAM - BINGO for Amazon gift cards!

Register NOW through Messenger or our Facebook page to receive your FREE Permanent Bingo Cards and join us on Facebook Live, every Tuesday & Thursday, for an amazing night of Bingo while jammin’ great tunes!

All you need to do is register ONE time with your email address, receive your FREE Bingo cards no later than the next business day, and when you see Bingo on Live, join in to win a prize!

      • After registering ONE time, your Permanent Bingo Cards are valid for all future Bingo nights, except private events.***

Any concerns? Turn them into excitement, as we’re operating totally legally under Georgia’s Recreational Bingo Law. We’re not charging players to play, defined as ‘recreation’, and we’re not paying cash prizes. Only gift cards and prizes, up to $15, with no cash value.

Summary of Details:

1. Livestream will begin at 5:30pm EST, Bingo will start promptly at 6:00pm EST.

2. We will record the winner’s names/serial numbers and all prizes will be awarded immediately after the game.

3. There are no ‘tiebreakers’, which means whomever claims BINGO first, gets the win, unless it’s a ‘false claim’. In that case, we’ll move to the next claimant. Always claim your BINGO because you never know. Sometimes, players make false claims.

4. Players MUST call their own BINGO! If you call someone else’s BINGO or someone else calls your BINGO, the prize will be voided and ‘rolled over’ to the next game. There will be NO exceptions!

5. Each player MUST have a profile picture. When players without profile pictures participate, it gives off a non-trustworthy vibe. No profile picture, No prize, No exceptions!

6. Although we pride ourselves on integrity and premium customer service, we understand there will be disputes from time to time. We, as the hosts, have the ‘final call’ on all disputes. No exceptions!

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