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Virtual Tour: Audubon Mural Project with Leigh Hallingby

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Courtesy of Alabama Audubon
Wednesday February 17, 2021 06:30 PM EST
Cost: Free
Disclaimer: All prices are current as of the posting date and are subject to change.
Please check the venue or ticket sales site for the current pricing.

From the venue:

Pre-registration is required by 12 p.m. CST Tuesday, February 16th, and space is limited. Details and registration available at alaudubon.org/event/2021-02-17.

Photo: “Gang of Warblers” mural by George Boorujy, photo by Leigh Hallingby.

While this is a free event, please support our work if you are able and make a tax-deductible donation at alaudubon.org/annualfund.

The Audubon Bird Mural Project, sponsored in part by the National Audubon Society,* is an impressive effort to create murals of over 300 North American birds. Most of the murals are in the Harlem neighborhoods of Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights, where John James Audubon lived the last ten years of his life. All of the birds painted are threatened by climate change. So the project is designed not only to display the birds’ beauty, but also to make us aware of the challenges that they face. The artworks range from lovely panels that fill in a former window to spectacular murals covering the entire side of a building. We will see over 40 murals, plus Audubon’s grave site, in a 50-minute slide presentation with live commentary. There will be time afterwards for Q&A.

About the presenter: Leigh Hallingby is a licensed New York City tour guide who specializes in the Audubon Mural Project. She is passionate about exploring all five NYC boroughs and beyond on foot, mostly through organized walking tours ([[[http://HarlemWalks.com/?fbclid=IwAR2y1fABQnlDnBDv7yZre59rop0ku1dbf0V6dPo5jD1WksRjSFivNJmFTDY&h=AT3Ej_OprilYw7lg7gLR9AJsoBg1QDBanoqt5S7M_jKvdxCFSqkl9208z8I05Zoz4xLsA4jkmz6Poi7zdQraYZ-6ICnVpcX0PR3JjTChSgEBmcNNJROZSvoGcrPNfvZZ81clAuo0JaRituqO6w&tn=q&c0=AT01gNiq9n5Uz1-NjCkRUg9JWcopP42ZJZXzx77ONv8mdbg-P8nsNjwtXLy4eI2yLPPwS1dALYyxYkwEBqx0VjmZK1xNDWKhaiLD2H6eHlUt-A2GcJLcsKworqllBaxywJUiB318z6rhkpoBYYL6LOLF|HarlemWalks.com]). Leigh is retired from a 36-year career as a nonprofit librarian. She loves doing research about the neighborhoods in which she gives tours and sharing the information about them with attendees. Leigh is a feminist, collector, genealogist, and lover of arts, culture, and travel. She lives in Manhattan. Find her on Facebook and Instagram at @harlemwalksnyc.

Registration: To register, click on the button above. If you’re new to our online system and don’t yet have a username and password, simply click the “X” on the pop up and fill out the basic form. If you do have a login, please use it as this helps us tremendously on our end! You should receive an automated email upon registering.

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