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Book Pre-Launch: The I of the Tiger

Tuesday July 13, 2021 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: FREE,

From the venue:

Join via Zoom to learn about Kim Carducci, former DI swimmer, mental health advocate and Founder of Everything Athletes. Her book, The I of the Tiger, analyzes the topic of mental health in sport and offers a self-help guide to sport's toughest moments.

In The I of the Tiger, we unravel the many layers, fears, insecurities, complexities, and other characteristics comprising the athlete identity.

  • How competition influences us
  • Why we build an inflated sense of ego based on our physical capabilities
  • How injury and retirement deflate our sense of worth
  • Why we might equate defeat with death
  • Daily implications of being a fierce competitor

Once we define the central features of the athlete identity and understand our attachment to it, we delve deeper into the toughest moments athletes face - defeat, injury, and retirement - and how the heck we get through them.


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