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360 Sound Medicine for the Soul

Saturday October 16, 2021 04:00 PM EDT
Cost: $45.00

From the venue:

Bathe and float in the midst of the four elemental corners as the energies of earth, water, fire, air and ether flow from the four corners of the room.
Experience a dimension for journeying and deep vision work from the medicine of ten gongs, Native American flutes and drums as well as other sacred sound devices.
Masks required.About The Elemental Alchemists:Raye Andrews is a certified vibrational sound therapist, Master-Level Reiki practitioner, Angel Tarot Oracle card reader, and creatress of delicious healing herbal teas.
GabrielNelson Sears is a certified vibrational sound healing touch therapist, teacher, angel intuitive, Master-Level Usui and Karuna™ practitioner, and motivational speaker.
Cindy Terrell is a certified vibrational sound therapist, certified Nutrition coach (HSN and ETP), Level 2 certified CrossFit coach, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner.
Karen Triana is a certified sound therapist, meditation coach, Pranic healer, and founder of Art of Breath Meditation. Karen’s shamanic training with Don Simmons influences her approach to sound therapy.

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1095 Zonolite Road
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 296-6064