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Sataraš Quartet

#4 Sataras Quartet Credit Steve Eberhardt
CREDIT: Steve Eberhardt
Balkan Jazz Back In The ATL: The Santaras Quartet, shown here in concert at Red Light Cafe in 2019, returns to the club near Piedmont Park for a one-night stand Tue, Dec. 8.
Tuesday December 6, 2022 07:00 PM EST
Cost: $10-$15,
CL Critic Doug DeLoach Recommends: By special engagement only, as they say, the Sataras (pronounced SAH-tah-rash) Quartet is slated to perform at the Red Light Cafe for one night only on Tue., Dec 6. Co-founded in the pre-pandemic era by guitarist Eddie Beho and saxophonist Jeff Crompton, Santaras Quartet also features bassist Colin Bragg and drummer Blake Helton, both veterans of the Atlanta jazz/improv/experimental community. An exemplary 21st century aggregation, the Santaras Quartet blends bitching jazz groves, fiery Balkan riffs and funky blues into a highly original, joyously swinging, slap-yo-Macedonian-grandma celebration. -DD

From the venue:

Sataraš Quartet (pronounced SAH - tah - rash) is an instrumental quartet that fuses jazz improvisation with ethnic Southern European roots and American blues to create exciting new worlds of sound. The work of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix are touchstones, and yet the group has found both an original, powerful sound and a loyal following.
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Red Light Cafe
553-1 Amsterdam Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 874-7828
neighborhood: #virginiahighland