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Opening Night: Joe Barry Carroll's "My View From Seven Feet" Exhibition at Hammonds House Museum

Friday July 15, 2022 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: $0 – $10,

From the venue:

"MY VIEW FROM SEVEN FEET" by Joe Barry Carroll | Curated by Leatrice Ellzy Wright

"My View From Seven Feet" is NBA All-Star Joe Barry Carroll’s musing on the mythical qualities some want to assign to a person standing seven feet tall. Carroll expresses his “view” in the form of figurative and abstract paintings that are celebratory, reflective, and hopeful.

“What flows from my pen and brush feels natural to me. I am never sure if the images create words, or the words move me to images. I am unable to tell precisely what determines my composition of colors, shapes and themes. Perhaps everything is forming at the same time, resulting in a complete story.” - Joe Barry Carroll

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