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Durand Bernarr

Monday August 1, 2022 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15- $18 ,

From the venue:

With a sound that has been coined as “Gangster Musical Theatre� by Qveen Herby, Durand Bernarr is one-part Little Richard, one-part Rick James, plus a heavy dash ofpowerhouse vocals and witty lyrical storytelling. The result is uniquely Durand – your favorite singer’s favorite singer! Durand utilizes his viral personality to his advantage as he ushers listeners and audiences in with his candid anecdotes, playful melodies, and mesmerizing falsetto. Such is evident in his upcoming album Wanderlust, a piggyback off Kelis’s secondstudio album Wanderland. Wanderlust is the result of Durand’s internal exploration, and it encompasses several themes: boundaries, transparency, escapism and self-awareness, to name a few The twelve-track album is slated for release this summer.
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