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Sunday August 28, 2022 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $40.50 - $90.00 / $46.00-$90.00

From the venue:

Growing up in Hawthorne, CA, a locale eminently known for producing more than its share of musical notables, it was perhaps destined that Cuco would come to represent for his city, emerging as one of the most visionary artists of his generation. His cognizance of that hallowed tradition, one inclusive of hardcore punk and Mexican acts he admires as well as some even bigger stars, helped set the artist born as Omar Banos on a creative path, with the nurturing support of his immigrant parents. “They’ve always pushed me to do music,” he says. “But when it came to thinking like, oh, I can make it with the music, it was pretty hard for them.” To that end, he cites his maternal grandfather as particularly encouraging of his musical pursuits, not just to him but to his family as Cuco sought to turn that passion into a vocation.
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