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Experience a classic like never before ... in incredible 4K
Tuesday August 16, 2022 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $12,
CL Critic Curt Holman Recommends: A masterpiece of 1970s American cinema, this sprawling ensemble piece crosscuts between multiple characters at the intersections of fame, politics and country music. Director Robert Altman oversees a stellar cast that includes Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Henry Gibson, Lily Tomlin and Ronee Blakely in a heartbreaking role as a fragile country music star. Not to be missed. — CH

From the venue:

4K Digital Restoration! This cornerstone of 1970s American moviemaking from director Robert Altman is a panoramic view of the country’s political and cultural landscapes, set in the nation’s music capital. Nashville weaves the stories of 24 characters—from country star to wannabe to reporter to waitress—into a cinematic tapestry that is equal parts comedy, tragedy and musical. Many members of the astonishing cast wrote their own songs and performed them live on location, which lends another layer to the film’s quirky authenticity. Altman’s ability to get to the heart of American life via its eccentric byways was never put to better use than in this grand, rollicking triumph, which barrels forward to an unforgettable conclusion. All-star ensemble cast includes Ned Beatty, Karen Black, Ronee Blakley, Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin, Shelley Duvall, Henry Gibson, Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, Barbara Harris, Michael Murphy, Lily Tomlin and Keenan Wynn.
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