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Gus Glasser

#4 Gus Glasser
Photo Credit: Gus Glasser
AISLE 5: Groove, Laugh, and Have Your Mind Blow w/ Gus Glasser.
Friday April 21, 2023 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $17-$20
CL Critic Matthew Warhol Recommends:  I’ve only heard lore of a Gus Glasser live show, but what I’ve heard has been nothing but glowing reviews. Legend has it, this multi-instrumentalist, beat maker, vocalist, and improvisationalist is something of a showman. Gus, along with with is seasoned band, create soundscapes for their audience to get lost in, stretching songs into 10-minute plus freeform jams. The songs themselves are soulful, groovy, and slick, borrowing from R&B, soul, disco, and Chance The Rapperesque, cheery hip hop. Along with being immensely musically talented, Gus is also really, really funny. He often posts sketches to his social media of him with his gear improving on street. He’ll make songs   up on the spot, interact with strangers walking by, and just be his goofy, lovable self. We got the white Reggie Watts over here!.- MW

From the venue:

My name is Gus Glasser. I”m a 23-year-old Atlanta native, living in my parents” basement, making music because it’s what I love to do. I remember crying at 8 years old, begging my dad to quit piano. I hated lessons; I hated practicing. In his wisdom, he forced me to stay, and I could never thank him enough. Music is how I express myself, a go-to activity with friends, and a constant teacher of patience, problem-solving, and humility. I have no backup plans and really no other career interests. I”m here to dedicate myself to creating music in whatever capacity that leads to in my life. My biggest musical influences have been Trey Songz, Flying Lotus, Mr. Carmack, and Marc Rebillet. While changing throughout the years, I describe my current sound as “Soulful Pop”: elements of mass appeal grounded in musicality and emotion. I greatly appreciate anyone who uses their time to listen to my music, and I hope that whatever plays on that speaker provides value, comfort, and healing. Thank you to every single person who supports me as you continue to encourage my devotion to art. Much love, Gus.
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2ce06 Acg Aisle 5 Eric Cash Magnum
1123 Euclid Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307

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