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Feed Your Senses: The Jeff Crompton and Benjamin Shirley Duo

#7 Crompton Shirley X Steve Ebrehardt
CREDIT: Steve Eberhardt
LET’S ALL GO TO THE LOBBY!: The lobby of the Rialto Center for the Arts is the setting for a free lunchtime concert by saxophonist Jeff Crompton and cellist Benjamin Shirley on Wed., May 17 at 12 noon.
Wednesday May 17, 2023 12:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free
CL Critic Doug DeLoach Recommends: For this edition of Feed Your Senses, saxophonist Jeff Compton and cellist Ben Shirley will perform a free concert in the lobby of the Rialto Center for the Arts. Separately and together, Crompton and Shirley are vital contributors to Atlanta’s fertile offbeat jazz/new chamber/avant-improv scene. Crompton’s latest duo project, Anagrams, features the sax specialist with JD Walsh on guitar and electronics. Shirley currently contributes to the Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra, Artifactual String Unit, Mute Sphere, Whispers of Night and BASrelief. Last January, Crompton and Shirley released an album, Eastern Continental. — DD

From the venue:

Atlanta saxophonist Jeff Crompton has been playing his off-center brand of original jazz here and throughout the Southeast for 40 years. Jeff has performed with Michael J.Smith, Eugene Chadbourne, Mike Baggetta, the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, and many others. He currently leads several ensembles and has issued numerous albums.

Benjamin Shirley’s cello work has been featuring in a variety of contexts, from classical orchestras and chamber ensembles to rock bands. Ben’s current musical associations include the Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra, the Artifactual String Unit, Mute Sphere, the improvising duo Whispers of Night, and BASrelief, a jazz trio.

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