The Bachelor: A Double Date with Death

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06/09/2023 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Cost: $75+
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CL Critic Kevin C. Madigan Recommends: This dinner show at Petite Violette, part of its “Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem” series, was extended by two months, due to popular demand, and will now end Saturday, June 24. Written by Marc Farley and Katie Kneeland, the spoof starts out innocently enough, with a gaggle of ladies hankering for the affections of eligible millionaire Smokin’ Underhill. The synopsis describes the anxious gals thusly: “There’s the sassy one, the confident one, the quiet one, and of course, the insane one. Seriously. She’s nuts.” So which one will receive that coveted final rose? It’s not that simple, though. Things go awry as a mysterious stranger starts killing contestants, hosts, and maybe even the dude himself. Audience participation is welcomed but not required, and your life will be spared regardless. The shows are designed for adults and recommended for those aged 10 and over. — KCM

From the venue:

Once upon a time, 35 women met the man of their dreams. Unfortunately, they all met him on the same night. This is “Mr. Eligible”, the most romantic television show ever developed. For 21 years, 25 seasons, and 263 episodes, a major network has introduced us to a single man trying to find love. This season’s star of “Mr. Eligible” is the SUPREMELY hot Smokin’ Underhill. He’s a millionaire, he’s gorgeous, and he’s a gorgeous millionaire.

Joining Smokin’ on his journey for love is the usual cast of anxious ladies looking for a husband, there’s the sassy one, the confident one, the quiet one, and of course, the insane one. Seriously. She’s nuts. Will anyone receive that coveted final rose? Maybe not.

Because this season, somebody has decided that LOVE is worth dying for!  A mysterious stranger is killing contestants, hosts, heck, maybe even trying to kill Mr. Eligible himself. Join the extremely handsome Mr. Eligible, his extremely hot single ladies, and a couple of extremely ridiculous guests, as they take all of us on an out-of-this-world  journey to find love! A story like this has never been told during dinner before, it’s “The Bachelor: A Double Date with Death.”

“The Bachelor: A Double Date with Death” has been extended, due to popular demand. Enjoy this show through Saturday, June 24th!

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Petite Violette
2948 Clairmont Road N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 634-6268
neighborhood: BrookhavenGaGov