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#23 Mapache
GOOD VIBRATIONS: Mapache captures those 60s West Coast vibes Oct. 13.
Friday October 13, 2023 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $16
CRITIC’S PICK: California duo Mapache captures the laid-back, 70s Laurel Canyon vibe as effortlessly as if they were a part of it. Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch have pitch-perfect harmonies; the music is a combination of Grateful Dead, the Everly Brothers, and Flying Burritos; and the calm, flowing songs on their new fifth album glide and hover. Sweet and subtle. - Hal Horowitz

From the venue:

Roscoe is a road dog. The 14-year-old Boston Terrier has been there for the whole ride of Mapache, Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci’s band, which has grown from being the casual project of two longtime buds to one of the most formidable cosmic-folk acts around.

So when it came time to record Roscoe’s Dream, they didn’t mess with the formula. The band booked some time at Horne’s Lone Palm Studio and called in a handful of friends to play additional parts, including Farmer Dave Scher of Beachwood Sparks on melodica and lap steel on a couple tracks. The family affair has always been how the band likes to work, but this time they approached it on a grander scale than before, recording live as a full group in some cases, as opposed to working over Finch and Blasucci’s initial guitar/vocal parts. “It was a bit more of a band experience,” explains Finch. The finished product is an ode to the past as well as a bridge forward. Covers of songs like Bo Diddley’s “Diana” and Gabby Pahinui’s “Kaua’i Beauty” act as nods to heroes of theirs while originals like “Man and Woman” and “Pearl to the Swine” take the template of golden-age rock and lovingly deconstruct it in a modernist lens.

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