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St. Paul & The Broken Bones

#28 St. Paul & Broken Bones
TESTIFY: St. Paul and the Broken Bones bring gospel fervor to indie rock, with horns, Oct. 15.
Sunday October 15, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: Starting from: $37.50
CRITIC’S PICK: Over the course of a decade and five albums, Birmingham, Alabama’s Paul Janeway-led, horn-enhanced outfit has shifted from soulful, gospel-infused rock to artsy, indie-inspired music. Their lyrics are increasingly oblique. The songs now twist in edgy directions that wouldn’t have fit onto the group’s earliest releases. Regardless, Janeway remains a riveting frontman whose falsetto approaches Prince territory - and these guys know how to deliver their Southern soul goods live. - Hal Horowitz

From the venue:

Blood is thicker than water, and it can leave scars. But like it or not, those in our bloodlines are stuck with us-and us with them-for better or for worse. Paul Janeway understands this conundrum of heritage well. The singer of the Birmingham, Alabama-based rock and roll soul band St. Paul & The Broken Bones was born and raised in America’s Deep South, a place where social consciousness can still take a backseat to unsavory traditions and where a family’s expectations sometimes supersede all else. Despite the fierce familial love, he enjoyed and constantly gave back while growing up-especially to his father and grandfather-from an early age Janeway realized that the way he thought about the world was a little different from those around him, and he began to seek an outlet from which to share what was in his heart and on his mind. Blessed with a powerful voice, a magnetism for connecting with people, and a gift for making music, he traded in a career in ministry to start his own band.
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