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Kyle Hume

Tuesday February 27, 2024 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $15.00

From the venue:

Growing up banging on drums at an early age while somewhat reluctantly taking piano lessons, Kyle fell in love with music. Take a car ride with Kyle or check out his extensive playlists and you’ll get a peek into his creative mind, but also be left a little confused as to what music he really likes...that’s because he doesn’t like music, he loves it...everything about it!

Proudly hailing from his hometown in Louisville, KY now Nashville-based Hume enjoys balancing work with play. As a writer, vocalist and producer, Kyle’s committed to discovering his own sound...every day, in every session, with every song.

Kyle regards his breakthrough song “If I Would Have Known” as something truly special. A song he was inspired to write by a fan that continues to bring healing to millions around the world who’ve lost someone special. Described as “empathetic and honest.” Kyle has a gift for writing songs that give voice to those who can’t find the words themselves, especially when faced with personal struggle. One fan said it best, “You speak for us all!”

Kyle invites his fans to not just listen to his music but also experience it in person at one of his shows coming soon!

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