Nocturne’s Kiss / Pinto Sunshine / A Blue Room

Sunday February 4, 2024 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $12.00

From the venue:

Event Description

Nocturne’s Kiss represents a unique fusion of post-hardcore, ambient, grunge, and gothic music, pushing the boundaries of genre conventions and creating a distinctive sound that captivates listeners. The band carries a depth of musical understanding that resonates in every track. As the project continues to evolve, it promises to deliver a compelling musical journey that reflects the band’s creative vision and passion for exploration.

Progressive Indie rock band Pinto Sunshine writes music that excites, working through their upbeat, groovy, and genre bending vibes to bring back the visceral live scene energy with their own twist.

A Blue Room is a new project founded by Eli Ruckle, John Michael Young, and Ed Barrios. Sonically, the project consists of blending different forms of sound into one musical tapestry to envelop the listener in a mood that is reminiscent of the past while also looking towards the future. Taking influence from noise rock, shoegaze, hypnagogic pop, hip hop, ambient, grunge, and more, A Blue Room covers themes of loneliness, addiction, mortality, romance, and lack thereof, juxtaposed with uplifting, drowsy, hard-hitting, and beautiful instrumentation to set a tone for the listener, enveloping them in the sound. Ed and Eli’s other projects, Mixed Matches and Ellie, respectively, have seen them produce hip hop, pop, and guitar music in a hazy, dreamlike, and ethereal tone, while John Michael’s consistent and smooth production work has led him to collaborate with the likes of Henry Stoehr (Slow Pulp), Sam Acchione (Alex G), and many others. While A Blue Room brings all of their sounds and influences in a cohesive blend, this project is vastly different from all of their solo and past collaborative works, reinventing themselves while also acknowledging what they’ve done and the sounds they bring to the table naturally.

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