Event Scheduled

Mama Said String Band

Friday March 8, 2024 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $25-$30+

From the venue:

Delivering a refreshing reinvention of sounds once forgotten through their own brand of grassroots, Mama Said String Band has been making an impact on the bluegrass scene and beyond since their debut in 2016. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Mama Said String Band is a four-piece collection of songwriters and players — David O’Neal, Katie “Didit” Caudill, Kaitlen Farmer, and Kris Potts. Each member brings a unique perspective with backgrounds spanning multiple cultures, genres, and styles. Together they draw influences from bluegrass, folk and Americana while focusing on vocal harmonies and contemporary instrumentation to build an eclectic, eurythmic melody and tactfully delivered message.

During their time together, Mama Said has become an instant classic, made a notable impact on the Bluegrass State, grown a large fan base, and received numerous awards and nominations such as Bluegrass Artist of the Year. They have made, and continue to make, their imprint nationwide as they tour and take part in prominent music festivals.

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