James Hollis: Shadow Encounters in Personal and Public Life

Oxana Holtmann
Saturday February 17, 2024 10:00 AM EST
Cost: $15-$50

From the venue:

For each of us there are energies, motives, agendas which operate outside our conscious control and sometimes are contrary to our professed values. These energies, which Jung collectively identified as the Shadow, might best be defined not as evil, but as that which makes us uncomfortable with ourselves. Such energies represent an enormous invitation for greater consciousness, for living more ethically, and whose integration brings a greater possibility of wholeness. What is our personal Shadow? How may we come to know that which is by definition unconscious within us? A series of exercises and questions will help provide greater self awareness. Please bring a notebook and pen with which to journal. 

James Hollis, PhD is a Jungian Analyst in practice in Washington, DC, where he is also author of twenty books, the most recent being A Life of Meaning. More info at jungatlanta.com.

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