Lalla Essaydi and Shanequa Gay, Jackson Fine Art

Wednesday May 1, 2024 12:00 AM EDT
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CRITIC’S PICK: Solo Exhibitions by Lalla Essaydi and Shanequa Gay, Jackson Fine Art — Artists Lalla Essaydi and Shanequa Gay are calling their Jackson exhibits ‘Conflicted Identities’ and ‘Gateway to the South,’ respectively. “Through a dynamic blend of visual storytelling and multimedia art, both artists invite viewers to delve into rich tapestries of personal experience, societal norms, and the enduring legacy of colonialism,” curators announced. Also on view in the gallery are works by Great Depression era photographers Walker Evans, Arthur Rothstein, and Ben Shahn. — Kevin C. Madigan
Free entry. Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday & Monday, closed. Jackson Fine Art, 3122 East Shadowlawn Avenue, Atlanta 30305. 404-233-3739 info at Jackson Fine Art

From the venue:

Shanequa Gay is a visual artist born in Atlanta, GA. She is primarily known for her surrealist acrylic paintings focusing on the multiple universes within the spirit of the Black Woman. Her work evaluates tradition, place, storytelling, and subject matter to develop imaginative dialogues and alternative strategies for self-imaging.
Through her paintings, illustrations, videos, performance, and monumental sculpture figures, Gay fabricates environments of memorials and rituals. With this, she depicts mythical figures, new gods, and images of people affected by inequality.

Lalla Essaydi is a Moroccan-born artist living and working in the USA. Lalla Essaydi earned her Master in Fine Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/TUFTS University in May 2003. The artist is now represented by two galleries in the United States: the Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston and the Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York City.

Lalla Essaydi’s work is deeply inspired by her Moroccan heritage and is noteworthy for its combination of Islamic calligraphy with artistic renderings of the female body. Through her work, Essaydi explores the complexities of Arab female identity which she imbues with her personal experiences as an Arab woman. Lalla Essaydi often looks back on her childhood in Morocco to express experiences of girlhood from the retrospective position of adulthood. In doing so, Essaydi explores notions of displacement, uncertainty, and the entwining of past and present.

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