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Sincerely + Secret Gardens / Chidori / No Yeah

Friday June 21, 2024 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15.00
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From the venue:

Event Description

sincerely is the groovy melodic (mostly) instrumental rock music project led by christian bridges based out of metro detroit, michigan.
Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall. When multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Almeida first set out to create the world of Secret Gardens, he had much more than just post-rock, or any adjacent genre on his mind. A passion project born out of his stone-solid emotional interpretation of sound, the initial arc of Secret Gardens is to release a record that sonically represents each season - an interpretation of his experiences through them - by whatever means necessary. 2019 saw the summer installment Verão, his first release under the moniker - a release he worked on in secret during his tenure with regionally touring alternative rock band VISTA, therefore inspiring the name. 
Tragic personal events and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw through to 2021’s Tundra, a sonically drastic shift in tone towards bone-chilling emotion and desolation, fulfilling the winter installment. A revitalization of life combined with the vibrance of the world slowly opening back up yielded to another sonic shift in 2022’s springtime release, everbloom - Almeida’s most acclaimed release thus far. everbloom, unlike the previous two records, utilized much more collaboration, with a heavy hand in the rhythm section from drummer Joseph Arrington (Royal Coda, A Lot Like Birds, etc) and even the likes of vocalist Andrew Wells (Dance Gavin Dance, Eidola). With 3 out of 4 seasons completed, Almeida has garnered a sizable online presence through word of mouth and select live performances in various cities - accompanied with a band of top notch musicians and minimal-yet-effective production, causing word to spread. With over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and consistent content through everbloom’s life cycle, Secret Gardens has no intention of stopping or detracting from his original goal of creating an immersive and deeply personal sonic experience for the listener - even well after the seasons arc is completed. “Put on some headphones, go for a walk in your favorite place. The goal is to have you covered no matter what time of year or what you’re going through.” says Almeida.
It’s easy to get overly excited for underwhelming situations.
Post-hardcore project Chidori is ready to take over the scene. Influenced by genre heavy-hitters such as Underoath and Dance Gavin Dance, the band originally formed as a two piece. Caleb Trice (Vocals/Guitar) and Bryan Hampton (Bass/Screams) began collaborating on various projects before meeting guitarist Chelsey Ova in 2015. From working at Guitar Center together, to the trio graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music & Media, their musical bonds grew stronger over time. Adding drummer Marcos Cruz into the mix before their first gig, the lineup had officially fallen into place.
Chidori’s debut EP “Overly Excited for Underwhelming Situations,” explores the many experiences and emotions associated with growing up. From anxiety to self-discovery, all five tracks highlight very relatable feelings without a coat of sugar. The project also highlights the band’s focus on friendship.. There is a nostalgia to the band’s sound, which takes its inspiration from the iconic Warped Tour era. Melding the melodies and arpeggiated guitar leads of Enter Shikari and Chon, Chidori finds the balance between post-hardcore’s past and present.
From opening for Attack Attack!, to currently writing their first full-length album, Chidori is well on its way to becoming a scene staple. Their story shows that if you dedicate yourself to the grind, great things will happen.

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