Upchuck’s high-energy punk dirges spark chaos in the pit every time the group takes the stage. With no social media presence, the young five-piece’s early success relies on word-of-mouth — and word is spreading like wildfire. In most of their communications, each member of the group is identified only as KT (vocals), Mike (guitar), Hoff (guitar), Armando (bass), and Chris (drums). In less than a year, Upchuck has become one of the most talked about bands in the Atlanta punk scene, as tales of crowd surfing, sweat, and bloody noses follow in the wake of every show. KT, who also fronts the electronic pop outfit Sanguine, commands the room with an intriguing and otherworldly stage presence, her voice reverberating with hints of garage-punk, psychedelia, and doom, all pulsing with a punk energy that leaves their guitars in pieces.

As of press time, only three demos exist on Upchuck’s Bandcamp page, but the group is currently writing and recording at Grey Cat Studios with Patrick Phillips. A new release is due out by the end of 2019. — Sophia Rubin

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