Watch Out For Snakes

Watch Out For Snakes is 8-bit chipwave from Atlanta geek Matt Baum. Layering NES and Game Boy chip sounds, WOFS creates darkly energetic tracks that pay homage to old video games and 80’s films without taking things too seriously.

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UPGRADE (2018)
Scars (2019)
Reaper (2021)

Rip ‘Em Up! (2019)
Scars (2019)
Fight Those Invisible Ninjas (2021)
Burnt Bridges (2021)

"Set Up Us the Bomb” on Neo-Wave Vol. 1 (2018)
“Arms Race” on Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 (2018)
“This Ain’t No Cutscene” on Lunar Halo (2019)
“Stranded” on Spacetunes = WIN (2019)

"Ninja Gaiden 2 (WOFS Remix)" (2016)
"Legacy of the Wizard (WOFS Remix)" (2017)
"Mike Tyson's Duck Punch (WOFS Remix)" (2018)
"Contra (WOFS Remix)" (2018)
Frisky Monkey - “Now! (Watch Out For Snakes Remix)” (2019)
The Warhorse - “Can’t Stop the Clop (Watch Out For Snakes Remix)” (2019)
Gerard McMahon - "Cry Little Sister (Watch Out For Snakes Remix)" (2020)
The Monkees - "Clarksville (Watch Out For Snakes Remix)" (2021)

MacReady - “Sunset on Mt. Fuji (ft. Watch Out For Snakes)” on Kiba (2019)

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