NITE is a band from Dallas, Texas – From burgeoning rock and rolled into a thrashing metal anthem, surged with the fire of 80s synth “Good Boy” bellows out of your speakers and into your consciousness. It’s NITE taking over.

The twin duo of Kyle and Myles Mendes are the masterminds behind NITE - the electronica-
infused dream rock dominating musical and lyrical soundscapes with its swooping industrial undertones and electric guitar overtones. “Good Boy” they say, is an anthem about saying no to addiction, and unhealthy relationships.

“Since the instrumentation set up the song to be more grungy, we wanted the lyrics to be
playful, almost vindictive,” NITE explains, “‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’” by Twisted Sister was a reference for how we wanted the chorus to sound. We wanted to repeat a strong and spiteful message. We paced in circles writing the lyrics, while Myles’ black cat knocked everything he could off the table at our feet. He may have inspired the title and chorus, and he is featured in the ‘Good Boy’ music video.”

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