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About Town by Kevin C. Madigan

“Entertainment, theater, and other such live performances”

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ABOUT TOWN: Mirth and merriment

11/26/2023 2:53 PM
Wrapping up the year in style

ABOUT TOWN: What goes on

11/01/2023 10:50 AM
Separating the wheat from the chaff

ABOUT TOWN: October events, arts and otherwise

09/28/2023 3:09 PM
Getting out — and about — in Atlanta this Fall

ABOUT TOWN: Autumn offerings

08/30/2023 3:55 PM
September has an abundance of arty happenings in and around town

ABOUT TOWN: Essential in more ways than one

07/31/2023 9:54 AM
Innovative happenings from all kinds of creative stalwarts are on the August calendar

ABOUT TOWN: Odds and Ends

06/29/2023 1:04 PM
Weird and wonderful happenings for your perusal

ABOUT TOWN: Outrageous productions abound

05/30/2023 12:38 PM
Dad’s Garage is just one of the local theaters doing something completely different

ABOUT TOWN: Setting new standards

04/25/2023 3:28 PM
Local creatives are getting progressive

ABOUT TOWN: Treading the boards in April

04/01/2023 3:55 PM
We have lost the Lyric Theatre, but the popularity of musicals endures