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The name “Yet Tuh” roughly translates as “the place where something used to be.” Hang-ho Lee still relies on contacts in Korea to ship hard-to-find ingredients over, to make sure everything remains true to form. Lee’s menu mashes up the unfamiliar alongside Korean staples, and shows that this is decidedly not your typical Korean barbecue or tofu house. Platters of simple grilled fish precede plates of mackerel boiled in spiced soy sauce; barley rice with vegetables and soybean paste follow an acorn jelly. There are elaborate stews and basic noodle soups, pancakes (pajeon), and roasted chicken hearts. Luckily, the staff, despite a bit of a language barrier, is happy to make suggestions.

Thursday February 19, 2015 12:00 AM EST
Yet Tuh Cost: $65
Chef Hang- ho Lee is preparing the meals from scratch. It will include menu and off menu items such as, spicy korean braised chicken, marinated Korean BBQ short ribs, bori-bop, and more will be served at Yet Tuh. [click here for more]

Wednesday February 18, 2015 07:00 PM EST
Yet Tuh Cost: $65.00
Yet Tuh, run by Hang-ho Lee, who moved here from Korea eight years ago. Her approach embraces the traditional, the way things used to be” back home. Lee’s menu mashes up the unfamiliar alongside Korean staples [click here for more]
3042 Oakcliff Rd
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(770) 454-9292

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