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Wood’s Chapel BBQ

Woods Chapel BBQ
PHOTO CREDIT: Courtest Wood's Chapel BBQ
Call: (404) 522-3000 or visit www.woodschapelbbq.com
From <strong>Wood's Chapel BBQ's</strong> website Named for one of the first churches to serve the Summerhill community immediately following the Civil War, Wood's Chapel BBQ uses traditional wood-fired pits to prepare an extensive barbecue menu including whole hog, prime brisket, salmon, and turkey. Barbecue is primal. It is meat; it is fire; it is smoke. Barbecue is community. It is food of gatherings and celebrations. You don’t cook it for four, you cook it for 100. It is church suppers and political rallies. It is not just food, it is an event.
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85 Georgia Ave S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 522-3000
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