Lionel Hampton-Beecher Hills Park

Lionel Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve Park
PHOTO CREDIT: West Atlanta Watershed Alliance
Lionel Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve, Atlanta
Call: (404) 752-5385 or visit wawa

The Lionel Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve is yet another flourishing intown wildlife sanctuary featuring a variety of rugged dirt and paved trails frequented by hikers and mountain bikers alike. The whole area is a haven for wildlife. Deer, box turtles, pileated woodpeckers, and hawks roam the woods freely. The land on which the nature trail sits was donated to the PATH foundation by the late jazz pianist and vibraphone master’s family.

The park backs up against the Westview Cemetery and is maintained by the Westside Watershed Alliance. S.W. Connector Trail, Atlanta.
Lionel Hampton Trail:

SW Connector Trail
Atlanta, GA 30311
(404) 752-5385

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