JORTSFEST wants to make Atlanta more accessible — and fashionable

It’s time to start scoping out thrift store jeans for that perfect pair of summer jorts.

JORTSFEST, now in its 4th year, is an arts and music event that celebrates the pinnacle of summer fashion: jeans cut into shorts, AKA jorts, and Atlanta music. Co-hosted by former WREK DJ Maria Sotnikova and Sea Ghost frontman Carter Sutherland, the festival’s motto is “always free, always all ages, always accessible.”

This year, JORTSFEST is taking place at the Mammal Gallery on Sat., Aug. 20, and has a Kickstarter going to help make the venue more accessible. As Sotnikova explains in the video, funds raised will “help purchase a portable ramp that will allow patrons and performers with disabilities to access previously inaccessible spaces.” The ramp will be stored at Mammal Gallery and available for venues across the city to provide an invaluable resource for something many  take for granted: Easy access to the stage.

Giving to the cause should be the only gift you need, but Sutherland and Sotnikova have sweetened the pot with a ton of rewards including JORTSFEST mixtapes, art prints by Kyle Brooks, and, for those of us who want the look but lack the skills, a Jorts making session. The campaign to raise funds ends 10 weeks before JORTSFEST, giving organizers ample time to order the ramp and make sure it’s ready for the main event on Aug. 20. Applications to play are open through June 13, and with over 60 musician submissions so far, the lineup promises a stacked bill.

Jortsfest with performers TBA. Free. Aug. 20, Mammal Gallery. 91 Broad Street S.W.