Interview: J*DaVeY brings testosterone and vomit to ATL, Sat., March 14

The genre-bending duo has been called the black Eurythmics. They even ate pancakes with Prince.

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They’ve been called the black Eurythmics. They even ate pancakes with Prince.-

And all of that before dropping their first official release, last year’s double EP The Beauty in Distortion/Land of the Lost.-

Yep, the genre-mashing, L.A.-based duo J*Davey is kind of a big deal. Which is why we lept at the chance to e-mail Jack Davey (the female singer with the dude’s name) and Brook D’Leau (the male producer with the chick’s name) some questions in advance of their Sat., March 14 Atlanta concert at Sugarhill (see show info below).-

The first couple of electro-pop/future-soul/fill-in-the-blank-fusion explains how the right mixture of testosterone and vomit can create a beautiful love child.-

Jack, on top of rocking a dude’s name, your lyrics and stage show drip with feminine sexuality, yet you convey a strength that’s almost masculine. Ever feel like you’re walking a tightrope between the two?-

Jack: Not really. The music forces certain things out of me that I wasn’t previously aware of, so I just go with it without really thinking about it. I’m simply a vessel at the whim of the genius. I feel as though I embody a little bit of everything a lover wants his/her girl to be: strong, confident, sexy, yet vulnerable. The boy’s name is really just a moniker for the adventurous spirit, the little gypsy pirate who comes along to shake things up a bit. It’s funny … my nutritionist recently told me that I have high levels of testosterone, which explains why the music and the stage show are so sexually charged. I have the hormones of a 16-year-old boy. Lucky me!