Susan Archie’s ultimate mixtape

The queen of World of anArchie delivers us her ultimate mixtape

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Susan Archie - Queen, World of anArchie-

My mixtape-

1. “Digital” - Joy Division-

(I have been watching Joy Division: The Movie)-

2. “Use Me” - Bill Withers-

(This was a hit when I was a kid, I just got it off iTunes)-

3. “Mama Caught a Chicken” - Chickens and Pigs-

(I have been playing drums a few times w/ CnP, love his songwriting)-

4. “Born Under Punches” - Talking Heads: Live in Rome-

(I captured off YouTube Video)-

5. “$20” - M.I.A. ‘’-
(My favorite artist for awhile now)-

6. “Walking Stick” - Golden Gate Quartet-

(A classic harmony and rhythm ‘race’ record)-

7. “Goin’ Where The Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog” - Scrapper Blackwell off ‘’Art of Field Recording Vol. II-
(insanely raw primitive blues)-

8. “Storms are on The Ocean” - The Carter Family-

( I am always listening to the Carter Family)-

9. “Brainwash” - The Moaners-

(2 pc girl blues out of NC)-

10. “Arms Akimbo” - Hugo Largo-

(I found some of video of them from the 80s in London. If it had been NYC I would have been in the crowd, I saw them every time they played.)-

My favorite band?-

Whatever Kristin Klein at Vacation tells me. Too many to choose: I love Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Black Lips, HubCap City and Chickens and Pigs.-

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(Photo by Dene Shepherd)’’