Live from Bonnaroo: Random pisser steals the show

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VAMPIRE WEEKEND: From far away

Overheard at Bonnaroo: “Some guy in VIP was talking about how, like, he got to take free showers, and I was like ‘Well, I shower every four days anyway.’” - Girl behind me in line.

Day one of Bonnaroo started at 4 a.m. and ended at about 1 a.m., and the in-between times were filled with a healthy mix of music, sitting in a car and public urination.

Allow me to explain.

Once we actually got to Bonnaroo and got our tent set up (which only took about seven hours total - proof that God smiles on CL and all its endeavors), the first order of bidness was checking out the opening-day lineup. Superdrag was the first band I caught, which was strangely appropriate - between Metallica, Pearl Jam, Chris Rock and Janeane Garofalo, acts I liked in the 9th grade are making a big comeback at Bonnaroo this year.

I’m not as familiar with Superdrag’s new stuff, which they played a lot of (and which underwhelmed me, frankly), but anything off their 1996 release “Regretfully Yours” was absolute audio gold.

We skipped MGMT and most of Battles (who we heard the last part of while waiting in line, and it sounded awesome and I wish I could have been more adjacent to the stage) for two trips to the comedy tent, which was a hard decision, but one that paid off in two big ways:

1) The comedy tent was air-conditioned.

2) I saw a really drunk guy urinate on two rows of people in front of him.