Freedumb Fest

FreeDumb Fest - Yes, No Kidding.

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Photo credit: Chad Radford
Hubcap City plays the Freedumb Fest Fri., Sept. 9.

This year the 9/11 terrorist attacks will be commemorated by the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld-bequeathed "America Supports You Freedom Walk" in Washington, D.C., stretching from the Pentagon to the National Mall. It sounds righteous enough, until you add that the walk ends with a concert by country singer Clint Black performing his war-monger ballad, "Iraq and Roll."

This is not a joke, but local noise label Sounds from the Pocket owner Justin Waters is compelled by the absurdity of such an event. As a result, he organized Freedumb Fest, a three-day music celebration at the Black House in Stone Mountain. Clint Black won't be on hand, but Blackblacks will, along with Sunburned Hand of the Man, Majik Markers, Hubcap City and 30-plus rock, noise and experimental acts from all over the country.

"The response was incredible," Waters says. "Within 24 hours of posting it on the Web, I received 25 replies from people interested in playing."

But does hosting a celebration on 9/11 make light of the people that died? "What about the 1,000 people who died in Iraq because of the supposed suicide bomber?" he says. "Freedumb Fest is a reactionary event."

Chris White of local act Magicicada, which performs Fri., Sept. 9, agrees, adding there is a level of political commentary at work with Freedumb Fest. "The Bush administration, corporations, and politicians of every stripe have used the tragedy of 9/11 to promote agendas, justify dictatorship-like actions, sell trucks and push the idea of a new form of crusading," White says. "I think it is sickening and this fest is a comment on that."

Freedumb Fest takes place at the Black House from Fri., Sept. 9 to Sun., Sept. 11. $5.05. All weekend. 550 A S. Rays Road, Stone Mountain, 404-299-5206. www.soundsfromthepocket.com/fdf.htm.