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2011 A3C: A mashup of the hip-hop party of the year

More than 200 undiscovered acts, major-label signees and emerging blog stars converge at the 7th annual hip-hop festival

How do you take in a three-day hip-hop festival with more than 200 undiscovered acts and major-label signees, emerging blog stars and industry vets, producers, DJs and break-dancers from all over the country? Try getting in where you fit in. Atlanta's holy grail of indie rap, A3C (for All Three Coasts) Hip Hop Festival, turns seven this year. And CL's commemorating it with a mashup of our own. We threw in some handpicked artist-on-artist interviews with featured performers, must-see festival highlights and a feature on the sacrifices independent artists often make on their journey to the top. One last piece of advice: Keep your laces tight and remember — it's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

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