Christopher Owens: Lysandre

Fat Possum

Christopher Owens shocked a lot of people when he broke up his critically adored band Girls in July 2012 to go solo. It isn't so surprising really, though. His debut album Lysandre's nostalgia (saxophones, sappy lyrics, a flute) betrays a man transfixed by the new, the unseen, maybe the essential. Christ, just look at his clothes! Lysandre may not deliver urban nihilist bangers like "Hellhole Ratrace" or "Vomit." However, its gentler, more plainspoken expression is still worthwhile, taking fans from New York to France and back to San Francisco in a series of short ballads that express his experiences touring to promote Girls' first album, Album. While not as thrilling, Lysandre proves interesting in its own right as Owens explores a more mature life beyond the labels, drugs, angst, Valencia Street, and a life beyond Girls. (3 out of 5 stars)