Atlanta gas prices higher than 'Nooga's

Besides cleaner air, less traffic and slower sprawl, folks up in Chattanooga, Tenn., also enjoy cheaper natural gas, though they buy their gas from the same company that serves most of Georgia, Atlanta Gas Light.
The price per therm in Chattanooga is 85 cents — 20 percent lower than what the average Georgian pays.
The natural gas market in Chattanooga, just 117 miles north on Interstate-85, is still regulated. Most gas experts say Georgia's market is still heavily regulated and under the control of a monopoly, Atlanta Gas Light.
Depending on the natural gas marketer, prices per therm here in Atlanta can range from 79 cents (Columbia's rate) to $1.45 (Energy America's rate).
Want to find out more? Click www.psc.state.ga.us/gas.

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