The greening of Emory

Republicans no doubt will be flocking to Emory University later this month to shake the hand of a recent hero of the GOP. Yes, Ralph Nader will give a free talk at the college's Glenn Memorial Auditorium on Oct. 31.

The veteran consumer advocate and presidential spoiler will speak at 8 p.m. on the subject of "Ethics of Public Participation," and is expected to field about a half-hour of questions, likely including one in particular that he's grown tired of hearing since last November.

Earlier in the day, Nader is scheduled to lead a workshop on nonprofit work and public service for faculty and students, says Chance Hunter, spokesman for Emory's Center for Ethics, which is sponsoring the Green Party leader's visit.

"This isn't an endorsement of Nader as a political candidate," Hunter explains, "but it seemed that there was more enthusiastic support among students for Nader than for Bush or Gore and the Center for Ethics wanted to find out why."

Nader recently has been promoting a new book, Crashing the Party: How to Tell the Truth and Still Run for President, and a new grass-roots organization, Democracy Rising, that endorses volunteerism and public service for progressive causes.

Hunter did not say whether the scheduling of Nader's talk for Halloween was in recognition of his status as The Nightmare Before Election Day or if Ralph would be warned not to criticize our nation's war effort unless he wants some frat boy to punch his lights out.??

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