Wanted: Contractor who actually works

Alexander Brown claims he had it all worked out. The rehab manager for the Atlanta Housing Bureau says he thought he'd set a schedule for a contractor to clean up Esther Woltz's home once and for all.

Woltz is the 70-year-old Adair Park woman featured in a CL story in early November. In May, she received a $31,543 grant from the city, as part of rehabilitation program aimed at helping senior citizens get their homes up to code.

But the work was left half-done, at best. Woltz's house has looked like a construction site for almost seven months, and she's been wading through City Hall bureaucracy for that long trying to get the problem resolved. In early November, Woltz hired Decatur attorney Gary Leshaw to prod the city to get the contractor to finish the job.

At about the same time, Brown met with the contractor, Willie Robinson, and set a schedule to get Woltz's home back in shape within two weeks. But Brown and Robinson claim Woltz wasn't around to let Robinson in to work on the morning of Nov. 6. Brown says he couldn't reach Woltz by phone, either. The end result is that no work has been done on the house since Nov. 5.

Woltz, though, claims she hasn't heard from Brown or Robinson. "There's no way [Robinson] has been by here," she says. As for a phone call, she can't figure out why Brown didn't leave a message on her answering machine.

Through her attorney, Woltz is now threatening to sue the city for $300,000, claiming breach of contract.??

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