Are you looking forward to the Virginia-Highland Summerfest?

Talk of the Town: VA Highlands Summerfest 2001

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I love it. My boyfriend was a participant last year and had an opportunity to showcase his talents along with other local artists. It was wonderful. It exposes the creative works of these artists who otherwise would not have an opportunity to such exposure. It’s impossible to be a city on the upward move like ours without supporting this event or similar events like these. It’s so much more interesting to say, ‘I got this piece at an arts festival,’ rather than at Lenox or Phipps. And in a lot of cases the prices are too reasonable. I bought tons of stuff.

Can’t wait. It’s a ball! Living in Atlanta, there’s nothing to do. That’s why when there are art festivals we look forward to them. Once you hit a certain age you don’t want to go to a bar. Here you drink beer on the street, it’s legal, relax, get a little pink on your nose, red on your shoulders, freckles come out, see your friends, too many tight tank tops, kiss the babies, see the freaks, see cute guys, pet the dogs - people-watching at its finest. And it’s excellent value. It’s better quality [art] than you see at other neighborhood festivals.

It’s a pain in the ass for the regulars. You can’t find a parking place. They have a festival in Atlanta every week. What’s the point? It’s indicative of the insecurity of young people. They rely on other people to create fun. They need a director, a producer and lots of glitz. Meaningless festivals are like TV dinners and fast food. They take no effort on your part and they’re over before they start. They’re designed for mass consumption and they’re not at all satisfying, which is the marketing genius behind them because you keep hoping for something better.??