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The Blotter: Betrayal gone wild

“He stated that he left to have one-night stand on November 16, 2013 — and returned February 9, 2014,” an officer wrote while interviewing a 38-year-old married man in Westview. The cheating husband said both he and his wife have recently had affairs. At some point, the wife got fed up and booted him. The husband said that after both of their recent flings ended, he and his wife decided to work it out. Eventually, his wife asked him to move back home.

A few weeks ago, however, the husband said he realized his wife was still having an affair. Outraged, the husband called his wife’s lover and threatened him. Days later, the lover’s wife alledgedly started calling the husband and threatening him, saying she, her brother, and her unfaithful husband were going to come shoot up the couple’s home. The 38-year-old man said he told his own wife about the threat “but she does not seem to care.”

Suspicious minds

The sound of breaking glass echoed from an apartment in East Lake. In the front yard, a broken vase was found near a 42-year-old man in a wheelchair. The man told security guards his live-in girlfriend smashed the vase, along with his laptop computer and cellphone. The security guards decided to talk to girlfriend. According to police report, “They knocked on the door and [the girlfriend] opened the door and attempted to push [her boyfriend] from his wheelchair. While security was on the scene, [the girlfriend] attempted to push him from his wheelchair into [one security guard].” Realizing the girlfriend was beyond reason, the guards called police.

The wheelchair man told police that the argument started when his girlfriend found another woman’s photo in his cellphone and accused him of cheating. The cop noted, “Upon entering the apartment, I observed several items broken on the floor, including a laptop, mirror, lubricating oil and a vase.” The girlfriend was charged with damaging property.

Festival freak-out

During the Inman Park Festival, an officer on a bicycle kept an eye on the crowds. Suddenly, a 36-year-old man bolted from a building and sprinted down Euclid Avenue, flailing his arms. The officer pedaled over and asked the man if he was OK. The man reeked of booze and he kept “saying profane words in an elongated manner,” the cop noted. During his unique curse-a-thon, the man kicked and hollered, causing a scene at the festival. The cop arrested the man for disorderly under the influence and called for a patrol car.

The man’s girlfriend showed up to take care of his wallet and other belongings before he went to jail. As the cop placed the man into a patrol car, the man kicked at windows and kept saying over and over again that he needs “acid.”

Baggy britches

In Midtown, a man “did not have a shirt on and his pants were around his ankles” as he sprinted down the middle of 14th Street. An undercover cop saw the semi-nude man’s mad dash, drove alongside him, and asked, “Are you alright?” “Leave me the fuck alone,” the man replied as he started to pull up his pants. The man said he was going to Checkers and to leave him alone. “I then asked why were your pants around your ankles,” the cop recalled. The man replied, “Can’t you see, my pants are up and everyone sags.” The cop told him to wait on curb until backup units arrived. The man allegedly slipped out of his handcuffs and shoved the cop’s chest. Then the man “started to make racist remarks to me as I was shutting the door to the wagon,” the cop noted. The man, 24, hails from St. Louis.

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Buckhead, police received a call about a brother-on-brother brawl at an upscale home on Powers Ferry Road near Chastain Park. The younger brother, 23, said his older brother came home drunk and kicked in his bedroom door and tried to fight him. Apparently, the older brother, 24, was throwing punches because earlier in the day his little brother admitted to “putting lotions on his brother’s bed for taking his shoes,” a cop noted. During the brawl, the older brother’s head hit a stairwell, knocking a hole in the wall. The older brother allegedly threatened to kill his younger brother as he rummaged through kitchen drawers, possibly looking for a knife.

A police officer noted, “When I arrived, I heard loud yelling and glass breaking coming from upstairs. When I got upstairs I found the [older brother] with his mother, bleeding from his hand from punching out windows in his bedroom. He was yelling and would not calm down.” The mother refused to talk to police about the brawl between her two adult sons. The older brother went to jail on an assault charge.

Shell games

Cops responded to a blaring alarm indicating burglars at a Buckhead home. “Upon my arrival, the front door was unlocked, no signs of forced entry,” a cop noted. Eventually, police got the homeowner on the phone. The homeowner explained that earlier, his friend went into to his home to check on his beloved pet turtle and left the front door unlocked.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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