The Blotter: Dresser wars

The finer points of interior design sparked a couple's late-night battle in Downtown Atlanta. A 54-year-old man said he and his younger boyfriend were in bed when they got into a spat over "available overnight stands." According to 54-year-old, his lover reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. The 54-year-old grabbed his cell phone to call police and said his younger lover slapped the phone from his hands and then slapped him in the face. The 54-year-old said he left their home because he felt outnumbered — even though only two of them were there. There were no arrests.

Bow-wow blues

In the Lindbergh neighborhood, a 37-year-old man said his possibly drunk younger boyfriend came home around 1 a.m. and woke him up from his much-needed sleep. The boyfriend was yelling and demanding that his lover give him the dog. The boyfriend reportedly grabbed a dining-room chair and slammed it into the bedroom door, leaving two large holes in the door of their apartment. Then the boyfriend took off, sans dog.

Toolbox revenge

Near Washington Park, a man said his ex-girlfriend was visiting his home on Ashby Terrace. The man mentioned that he'd caught his ex-girlfriend cheating and he asked her about it. Apparently, the cheating ex-girlfriend "just went off" and started yelling and "took a pair of pliers" and hurled them, striking the man on the top of his head. Then she took off. The cuckolded man had two bloody gashes on his head.

Self-defeating slam

In the Mozley Park neighborhood, a curly haired woman got into a furious verbal spat with her man on Sells Avenue. The curly haired woman was screaming from inside her red Nissan Altima and her boyfriend was yelling outside her car. A cop saw the fight and stopped, but before the cop could confront the squabbling couple the woman made a dramatic exit. "The female did a U-turn in the vehicle and struck a fire hydrant head on," the officer noted. Then she zoomed away. The cop searched the area, trying to find the curly haired woman, who was wearing a pink shirt, but she was gone in her badly crumpled car.

Dance-hall daze

On Roswell Road, trouble broke out on the dance floor of a Roswell Road/Buckhead dance club known as a the place to pick up cougars. According to a security guard, a young whippersnapper (a 22-year-old man) "head-butted" a middle-aged Marietta man on the dance floor. Moments later, the middle-aged man staggered off the dance floor with his friends' help, bleeding from a large gash under his right eye.

The cop asked: What triggered the head-butt? The middle-aged man said that earlier, he was dancing with a lovely lady when the 22-year-old cut in front of him on the dance floor. The Marietta man said he politely asked him to get the heck out of his dance space, and then the 22-year-old reared back and used his head as a weapon. The 22-year-old denied "head-butting" anyone, but security guards and throngs of dance-floor witnesses said otherwise. He went to jail for "striking another in the face with his head." The alleged head-butter hails from McDonough.

Trouble at the golden arches

A 61-year-old woman hunkered down and refused to leave a McDonald's in Downtown Atlanta. Employees asked her to go, but the woman got pissy and started cursing. According to police, the woman allegedly "pulled down her pants and exposed her naked derriere and vaginal area to other patrons inside the restaurant. Also, she urinated inside the plant buckets." Cops charged the woman with disorderly conduct and dragged her off to jail. As she was handcuffed, the woman yelled that she'll keep going to this exact McDonald's because employees do not have the moral authority to keep her away.

Thanks, City of Atlanta!

A 34-year-old woman said she has eight children and struggles to pay the monthly electric bill on time every month at her home on Danforth Road. She said she works hard to keep her lights on inside her home. One afternoon, she pulled into the driveway and noticed an extension cord coming from an outlet outside her home. The extension cord went to an adjoining yard, where a City of Atlanta worker had plugged in a saw. The woman said she unplugged his saw, marched over to the City of Atlanta worker, and became irate. Then she called police.

The officer talked with the City of Atlanta worker in charge at the site. "He stated that his worker only had the saw plugged in for less than five minutes to cut a 2X4 board because their other saw died. He stated that when [the woman] confronted him, she began cursing and using obscenities, so he refused to talk to her."

The woman wants the city workers to pay her electric bill because they used her electricity. Police told her it's a civil matter and provided a report.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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