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A woman found a black leather glove stuck to the front doorknob of her apartment on Woodland Avenue at around 8:30 a.m., as well as strange men's clothes tossed all over the hallway outside the front door. The woman yanked the leather glove off the door handle and tossed it onto the pile of clothes.

The woman said she didn't call 911 when she found the clothing because she had to be somewhere. When the woman returned two hours later, the leather glove and men's clothes were gone. That, apparently, weirded her out even more and she called the cops. She has no idea who left the glove and clothes or who retrieved it.

BULL MARKET: A 22-year-old woman left a Midtown nightclub and promptly slammed her black Ford into a car stopped at a red light. The woman said she was lost after leaving the club and couldn't find the interstate, and while she was looking at her GPS, she hit the car in front of her. The officer asked the woman how much she had to drink. Nothing, the woman replied. The officer wasn't convinced and again asked the woman if she had been drinking. The woman said she was honest with police before and that didn't work out too well because she'd been arrested for DUI. The officer repeated his question. Finally, the woman admitted to one drink, but she wouldn't do any sobriety tests.

The cop arrested the woman for DUI and put her in the patrol car. Once she was in the car she began crying and "yelled and screamed and asked several times over and over to speak with me," the officer wrote. The woman said "numerous times that she gives free Red Bull to Atlanta police officers and knows a lot of officers and because of that she felt like she should be let go." No dice. She went to jail on suspicion of DUI.

DAZED AND CONFUSED: Two officers were walking down the steps at the International Airport Terminal when one officer "started feeling dizzy and hot and went inside the break room ... and sat down where he started sweating profusely," his partner wrote. "The officer told me that he felt light-headed and wanted to throw up. I told him to throw up in the sink so he could feel better." The officer again said he felt bad and started to tilt his head back. "[The sick officer] started to snore with his head back. I tried calling his name and he wasn't responding," his partner continued. "I looked at him and he had his eyes open looking straight at the ceiling and breathing but he was not responding. I called other officers to call for an ambulance."

After a couple minutes, the sick officer "started to come back" but "still was not aware of his surroundings." After several minutes, the sick officer was "back to almost normal and knew where he was and knew his name and knew where he was at." Medics cleared the officer, who refused to go to a hospital. No reason for his sudden fainting spell is listed on the police report.

OMISSION STATEMENTS: A 21-year-old woman was dozing in her new boyfriend's bed at his house on Lindsey Drive. Suddenly, she heard an older woman's voice arguing loudly with her boyfriend elsewhere in the house. The older woman burst into the bedroom and saw the 21-year-old in bed. "You didn't tell her you were married!" the older woman yelled as she stormed outside. The older woman tore a screen off the bedroom window and tossed a brick at the 21-year-old. (The brick smashed the window, but missed the gal.) Then, the older woman grabbed another brick and hurled it at the 21-year-old's blue Dodge Stratus. After the double brick throwing, the older woman left. When police arrived, the man said the older woman clearly isn't over him yet. He didn't clarify whether the older woman was his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

DUMB BRIDE: A 28-year-old Marietta woman said she left her car stuffed with shopping bags parked on Howell Mill Road overnight. Big surprise: When she came back the next day, her shopping bags were gone. Missing items include: four bridal magazines, lingerie, four crystal vases, and two gift cards.

ON EDGE: Police received a call about two female roommates in their 20s fighting with a knife at their Lawton Street apartment. However, when an officer arrived, the roommates gave conflicting stories. The roommate who called police said the other roommate promised to "slice me up" and kept threatening to stab her. Plus, she said, the roommate has a problem with her religion and doesn't like her praying inside their apartment.

No way, the other roommate said, denying everything. She said no knife was involved. The officer looked around and didn't see any knives or signs of physical trouble, so he didn't arrest anyone.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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