The Blotter: Sexting mishap

A 27-year-old woman recently went to a surprise birthday party in Buckhead. During the party, the woman's cell phone battery faded, so she plugged in her phone to charge near a photo booth set up for the party. The woman said she periodically checked on her phone throughout the evening and took her phone home afterward.

The next day, the woman said a close female friend contacted her and asked if she knew the guy running the photo booth at the party. No, the woman replied. Her friend said her date had a very strange conversation with the photo booth guy. According to the friend's date, the photo booth guy said, "You see the girl in the black-and-white dress? I don't know her but she just sent me this," and showed the friend's date a photo of a nude woman. The date thought this was odd, and wasn't sure if the nude photo really showed the 27-year-old woman. So the date asked the photo booth guy to send him the nude photo. The friend said as soon as her date received the nude photo, he informed her that he was ready to leave the party.

The woman asked her friend to send the nude photo to her. When the woman saw the photo, she recognized herself, apparently from a nude photo originally stored on her phone. Immediately, she called police. The woman said she never sent a nude photo to the photo booth guy — she doesn't even know his name. Also, the woman said she called the company that owns the photo booth and told the man who answered what happened with her nude photo. "He seemed uninterested and said this was only assumptions," the officer noted. The woman gave police the phone number from which the photo booth guy allegedly sent the nude photo to her friend's date.

Holy hustle

A 39-year-old Midtown woman met a man on an online dating website. She said that when the man realized she didn't have car, he offered to help her get a Mercedes for $24,500. The woman said she wired $7,500 to the man's bank account. The next day, the man reportedly called and said he didn't have time to meet the woman to get the rest of the cash ($17,000), so he instructed her to meet his close friend at to gas station on Spring Street and hand over the remaining $17,000 to his friend. The woman reportedly followed his instructions and gave $17,000 cash to the man's "friend" at a gas station. The dating website man promised the woman's Mercedes would be delivered within four days. Alas, no Mercedes ever arrived.

The woman said she tried to call both the dating website man and his friend, but their cell phones were disconnected, and the dating man's bank account had been closed. The woman called police to help recover her $24,500. To identify the suspect, the reporting officer noted, "The victim provided me with [the dating website man's] online photo, he went by the name of 'godsentfromheaven.'"

Throw in the towel

A man dressed in a suit and carrying a black bag entered a hotel on Peachtree Street. Moments later, hotel employees reported that the man was suspiciously strolling around on the upper floors of the hotel. Later, the man strolled across the hotel lobby toward the exit. "We stopped the man and asked if he was a guest," an officer noted. "He was not." A search of the man's bag revealed 37 white hand towels stamped with the hotel's logo (worth $250). The man "admitted that he took the towels off a maid cart on the 12th floor of the hotel, and was going to try to trade them for food," the reporting officer noted. His towel scam was allegedly caught on videotape.

Sexy snack spot

Someone left "food and condom wrappers upstairs on the floor" of a local apartment, a cop noted. Also, a large amount of copper wire was stolen from the same apartment. Police do not have any clues about the identities of the fornicating, food-crumb-leaving suspects who apparently like to rip copper wire from walls.

The cable guy

A woman said a cable guy came by to install cable inside her home on Defoor Avenue. She said the cable guy asked to go to her basement to drill a hole in the wall so he could install the cable wires. She let him into the basement and a few minutes later she heard the cable guy taking on his cell phone, saying, "I have her information" as he walked back upstairs. His remark didn't really mean anything to her at the time.

The woman had a few gift cards scattered on a table and she gave one to the cable guy as a thank you. The next day, she noticed an envelope in her car was missing. Her car had been parked next to the basement. The envelope contained her birth certificate, Social Security card, her mother's death certificate, and a letter of testimony. Also, the woman says the cable guy took two LongHorn Steakhouse gift cards worth a total of $50 from her table. She said she called the cable guy several times, asking for her stuff back.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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