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An officer responded to a possible burglary in the Adamsville neighborhood. A 38-year-old man said his roommate left him a note stating that he believed someone broke into their apartment. According to the police report, the man said "a box of condoms and a bottle of perfume" were stolen from his bedroom, as well as three pairs of fancy alligator skin shoes and $400 cash from the roommate's bedroom.

The roommate's stolen shoes are colorful and pricey and include a pair of green alligator skin shoes, a pair of beige alligator skin shoes, and a pair of black-and-brown alligator skin shoes worth more than $3,300.

The man believed the suspects broke in through his bedroom window, which was now closed, but the latch was slightly out of place. The cop looked at the bedroom window and noted, "There were absolutely no damages. I then noticed that there was a bedside table with several objects on it blocking the window, but nothing was disturbed." The officer asked the man if he touched anything in his room since the possible burglary. "No," the man replied. The officer wrote, "When I mentioned that it was highly unlikely that someone could get through the window without knocking anything over, he had no explanation."

Conveniently, the 43-year-old roommate wasn't home when police arrived. He just left a note about his alligator shoes.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: An officer "unknowingly brushed against" a woman's gold Mercedes while driving down Piedmont Road. "I did hear a sound when I [passed] the car, but I thought it was my metal ticket book moving around in the car," the officer wrote. "I asked my ride-along trainee if I made contact with the car. He said he thought I did, but since I wasn't sure, once I got to the call, I stopped to get out and look at my car but didn't see any damage and didn't think I hit the vehicle. I honestly thought it was my metal ticket book moving around in the car. It wasn't until I heard over the police dispatch that an accident involving a police vehicle had happened in my area, that I suspected it could have been my car."

The cop's own dash-cam video busted him. It showed his car hitting the Mercedes. No one was hurt, but the Mercedes was scratched up.

HOPPED AWAY: A woman in a green hat with a long ponytail and a Playboy bunny tattooed near her left eye walked into a bedding and bath store at the Edgewood Shopping Center. Surveillance video shows her grabbing a Ninja food blender (worth $159) and escaping into a waiting getaway car. Several police units searched for her, but she made a clean getaway.

TUNED OUT: At around 5 a.m., a black Ford Edge was "facing the oncoming traffic in the HOV lane" on I-20, an officer noted. The officer stopped and found a 27-year-old man wearing headphones asleep behind the wheel. The officer woke him up, but the man could not explain why he was driving the wrong way on the highway. The officer got the man's driver's license and ran a computer check. Turns out, the man's license was suspended. Also, the man had $5,660 cash on him. He went to jail on multiple charges.

Dude, if you're that rich, just hire a driver.

IDIOT OF THE WEEK: A 25-year-old man is accused of stuffing a bottle of Robitussen cough medicine into his shirt and one Red Bull into his jeans and then trying to leave a downtown Atlanta pharmacy without paying. (Total value $15.66.) An officer searched him and found two Georgia IDs that were not his, three cell phones, and a jewelry box containing two stolen rings. So busted.

THE WANDERER: A man was trudging along I-85/75 near traffic around 11 p.m. An officer stopped and asked the man why he was walking on the highway. The man said he just left Tennessee and was headed to Florida. The man told the officer that he "had no other way to get to Florida but to walk on the highway."

The man was "swaying back and forth" and smelled of alcohol, but he insisted that he wasn't wasted. He said he was "unsteady" because he just left Tennessee and he hadn't had a drink in hours. The officer took him to jail on a pedestrian under the influence charge. The man lives in Port Richey, Fla.

PICTURE THIS: Around 4 a.m., a man and woman were hanging out in Freedom Park. A cop spotted them and asked what they were doing in the park at such an hour. The couple said that "they were in the park photographing the artwork on display," the officer wrote. An art project. At 4 a.m. Sounds like quite a date. They were ticketed for being in the park after hours.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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