The Blotter February 28 2001

A 19-year-old man called police from Peachtree Road to report that his girlfriend, age 19, had walked off with a man. She was supposed to return after 15 minutes, but had been gone for two hours.
When police arrived, the girlfriend had returned. The boyfriend said the man she went off with allegedly raped her.
The girlfriend said she and her boyfriend met a strange man earlier that day. The strange man had walked with them pretty much all day, and ended up at a restaurant on Peachtree Road. At this point, the boyfriend wanted to get rid of the strange man, who identified himself as "Gemini." But the girlfriend wanted to be nice to him and wanted him to stay. The girlfriend winked at her boyfriend and told him she was going for a walk with "Gemini" and would be back in 15 minutes.
According to the girlfriend, she and Gemini wound up at a concert, next to some hotel. Gemini was now carrying her backpack. He bought her a couple of drinks at the concert. From there, they walked to a gas station to buy a soda. At the gas station, they both went into a restroom, where the girlfriend said Gemini "sort of sexually messed with" her.
From there, she didn't know where Gemini went, but he did say he was staying at a specific hotel that evening. Gemini did give the girlfriend his e-mail address, which was "www. nothing.org@nothing."
Police called a sex crimes investigator to the scene. But the girlfriend said all she was interested in was getting her backpack returned to her.
A security officer at Lenox Mall saw a 27-year-old well-dressed man in a gray shirt and slacks hitting his friends with a loaf of bread. The man was also very loud.
The security guard asked the man to leave Lenox Mall.
"Fuck you," yelled the man. "You are just a security officer. What the fuck are you going to do?"
The security officer promptly called a police officer, who arrived on scene.
The man then got into his car and tried to shut the door, but the police officer put his hand on the door, and told him not to leave just yet.
"Fuck you," yelled the man, who had been drinking alcohol. "Get the fuck out of my face. If you put your hands on me, I will kick your fucking ass!"
The man was arrested for disorderly conduct under the influence, obstructing police and criminal trespass.
When an Atlanta woman opened the door to let her dog in, she noticed that it was carrying a bone in its mouth.
The woman took the bone to the veterinarian who told her that it appears to be a piece of human spine.
The police were called and the bone was sent to be analyzed.
The woman said that she doesn't know where her dog found the bone.
An officer responded to a domestic dispute on Myrtle Drive.
A 65-year-old woman said she was having a problem because her father, age 87, who has terminal cancer, is in his bed, and her son, age 37, is in the bedroom smoking cigarettes.
She's told her son several times to stay out of the father's room if he wants to smoke, but he insists on smoking in the bedroom.
Police asked the 87-year-old man if he had trouble breathing from the cigarette smoke.
"Yes," he said.
Police asked the son if he would leave the room to smoke.
No reply.
Police told the son to stand up because he was under arrest.
"If I was going to jail, you will have to fight me," said the son.
The son resisted arrest, but was eventually handcuffed and taken to jail on charges of reckless conduct.
A 55-year-old woman said she was visiting a female friend, age 47, at a residence on Butner Street and Campbellton Road.
The friend asked the 55-year-old to co-sign on a home loan for her but the 55-year-old refused.
The 55-year-old said while she was inside the house, she fell down the stairs and hurt her ankle. She said her friend refused to call for medical assistance, locked all the burglar bar doors and wouldn't let her out of the house for the rest of the night.
The next morning, another friend stopped by and let the 55-year-old of the house and called an ambulance for her. She had a fracture in her lower leg.
She could not tell police the exact address of where the incident occurred.
With contribution by Adam Van Wickle.

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